Images of Jaffna

The rebuilt Jaffna Library at sunset. Photograph ©Chulie de Silva

Beauty buds from mire

And I, a singer in season, observe

Death is a name for beauty not in use


Hikkaduwa reflections on a Jaffna morning

Jeyaharan 51 Years. Photograph© Chulie de Silva

Outside the small hotel we stayed in, the wind howled in the night.  It was eerie -


On a Trail of Ivory Carving

Ivory inlaid table top. Nooit Gedacht, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka. Photograph©Chulie de Silva

Does your family hold heirlooms of ivory inlaid combs of yesteryear? Ivory combs or panawa in Sinhala were apparently flirtatious gift, an expression of love and at times a gift given surreptitiously during a clandestine affair.


Puttalam and Ibn Batuta


Puttalam, situated about 80 km north of Colombo, is often lashed by severe storms.  Today (3 Oct 2009) as I write. Over 1000 houses were destroyed completely another 500 damaged. I am not sure if it was a storm like this that drifted the sailing vessel of one of the greatest Arab traveler of the medieval times to land in the Puttalam lagoon in 1344. He was non other than Ibn Battuta, the native of Tangiers in Morocco. He had set out for the traditional pilgrimage to Mecca, got bitten by the travel bug and continued to roam for some thirty years a record 75,000 miles covering all Muslim countries except central Persia, Armenia and Georgia.


From a Bangla Shuvo Noboborsho to a Sinhala Shuba Navavarsha

There are no auspicious tmes in Dhaka. Here life does not revolve around the good and bad times as predicted by the horoscope men as ours do in Sri Lanka. Their New Year logically