A century old family photo on my 100th blog post

100th blog – is it significant? Not as significant as this 100 year old photo, but still a good time to bring it out. When I first saw this photo, I sat momentarily transfixed. Here was a slice of history, frozen in a quiet gentleness, a significant moment in the lives of my ancestors, whose blood flows through my veins. I saw my grandmother, probably still in her twenties wearing the jewellery that my mother gifted to me. I could see what excitement there would have been in this house of my great-grandfather S.K. Issack de Silva (circa 1860 –1930) of Degoda, Ambalangoda (seated next to my grandmother third from Left).


So long, Farewell, Goodbye Lassie

Lassie, a little grumpy waiting for chocolate cake on my Mother’s birthday. 22 August 2012. Photo Chulie de Silva


Home Sweet Home

The sea is a dull green. The beach strewn with jetsam and flotsam - broken coral pieces, empty bottles, rubbish, green and white dried seaweeds. A little girl skips along the shore,


Unexpected pleasures of old photos

It was a regular sound of a banging on a door or a window that woke me up in the middle of the night. Robbers, polecats?– snuggled nicely in bed I debated whether to get up or not but


Benny’s Point

Benny’s Surf Point, Hikkaduwa. Photograph© Chulie de Silva

Lounging on a “hansi putuwa” (planter’s chair) on the back verandah, watching a pair of blue kingfishers streak in and out among the coconut trees, sipping my morning tea, I am amazed at