Kirtisinghe Generation I: Loku Thatha Comes Home from London

The First Generation of Kirtisinghe’s in front of Siri Niwasa

As told by Bala Malli

Thatha says this photo was taken when his Loku Aiya our Loku Thatha came home. He had apparently cut frogs and studied them in London and got a Masters degree and later became the Professor of Zoology at the Colombo University.


Remembering Father B – Bhasura the Lion of Hikkaduwa

I had started writing this on the 13 May my father’s birthday, thought I’d finish it for Father’s day but couldn’t do it either. So many years down the line, I still can’t write about him without crying, without being choked by a myriad of memories.


To Ranil Aravinda with love

The trouble with birthday cards is not that I forget to buy them but I never get around to posting them. Birthdays are a good time to get mushy take another look at the baby snapshots, go down memory lane and wonder where did all those wonder years and your babies go …


An aunt, a house, and of joys on the beach at Hikkaduwa

I have always waited with bated breath for the holidays to begin at Hikkaduwa, to be embraced by the warmth of that house, Siriniwasa, hear in the winds that came through the grove of coconut trees whisper of the joys of many who have been here before us.


Quills, Passion and the Romance of Cinnamon

Cinnamon Peelers Archchikanda, Hikkaduwa. Photograph©Chulie de Silva

“If I were a cinnamon peeler

I would ride your bed

and leave the yellow bark dust

on your pillow". … said Michael Ondaatje creating possibly the most erotic verse ever written on cinnamon, the spice native to Sri Lanka