Random Clicks in Kilinochchi

Going up North for work was so interesting in 2010. North was reviving and there was this wonderful joyous exuberance – especialy among the young.

The only setback for me was that I often had to put my camera through the window and plead with the drivers to slow down as I tried to frame, focus and click.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. But am so glad for the memories.

We actually stopped here to buy mangoes and his smile shows all the joy of closing a good sale.

Education is highly valued and children on their way  to school or getting back is a common sight. Often the bigger sisters and brothers keep an eye on the younger ones.

Fences dividing gardens were made of dried palmyrah leaves. This is a sight that stayed in my mind from my first visit to Jaffna in the 1950's flying on Air Ceylon.


And then there were the school girls who did a welcome dance. This wasn't street click but I had to answer a lot of questions and pass muster before I could click.  Why was I taking photos -- to remember them of course as I do today.